1. Present:

Francis Glynn welcomed the following attendees to the meeting:-

Linda Kerr Alun Evans Helen Murtagh & Tony Murtagh
Mark Delong Adam Glynn John & Kay Skinsley
Carolyn Taylor Andrea Sinclaire Shelia & Nick Plaister
David Brodie Shirley Britton Julie Limbrick

2. Apologies:

Apologies were received from:-

Emma Gregg Sarah Travers Dawn and Paul Webster
May Rooney Val Thompson David and Carol Owens
India Glynn Ann Whitcombe Kenneth McCauley

3. Adoption of Constitution: (Circulated)

It was proposed by Linda Kerr, seconded by Tony Murtagh and CARRIED unanimously that the constitution be formally ADOPTED.
It was further AGREED Francis Glynn sign the constitution on behalf of the trustees and an application for charitable status for GES be made to the Charity Commission.

4. Appointment of Trustees:

Chairman: Julie Limbrick proposed Francis Glynn be elected as Chairman, seconded by David Brodie and CARRIED.

Francis Glynn accepted with pleasure but advised attendees he would not stand for re-election at the end of his term as he planned to spend more time in Gambia.

Treasurer: Francis Glynn proposed Sarah Travers be elected in her absence as Treasurer, seconded by David Brodie and CARRIED.

Secretary: Francis Glynn proposed Julie Limbrick be elected as Secretary, seconded by Helen Murtagh and CARRIED.

5. Secretary's Report:
Criminal Records Bureau/Police Checks.

Mrs. Limbrick advised attendees of the CRB ruling disallowing checks to be carried out for people working overseas. She detailed the procedure for a Police Check and advised a handout on the procedure is available.
All present agreed a checking policy was vital for the future
Communication Arrangements:
These were still under discussion she stated and Mr.Glynn advised attendees of his suggestions. Report ACCEPTED.

General discussion followed and included: -
  • Offers from Helen Murtagh and Julie Limbrick to receive all correspondence and disseminate appropriately. (Cost of a P.O. Box would prove prohibitive)
  • All telephone calls to go to an answer phone at Mr. Glynn's Basingstoke number with Mail Box access for trustees/supporters as appropriate.
  • Production of a Newsletter to aid communication - to be produced by Helen and Tony Murtagh
  • Contact between trustees and members could be through a Yahoo Group Linda Kerr advised.

6. Treasurer's Report:

In the absence of Sarah Travers Francis Glynn reported on the following:-

  • A £100 donation towards costs of GES.
  • A bid to HSBC for £1000 'start-up' funding for GES - result waited
  • Inability to open a bank account until GES has its charity registration number.


General discussion included the following:

  • John Skingley provided printed information for the Treasurer on a C.A.F. account and offered further information on Gift Aid if required.
  • Various methods of money transfers to the Gambia were discussed - John and Kay willing to advise further if required by the Treasurer.

7. Chairman's Report:

Francis Glynn reported he was currently utilising the existing GTS web site with separate links to GES. He had adapted the GTS logo for GES but invited alternative suggestions from attendees.

An offer was accepted from Tony Murtagh to set up and maintain a separate GES website.

Francis Glynn advised:

  • The bar/restaurant in Gambia had 11 years to run on its low rental agreement.
  • Problems with 'leakage' at two schools had been dealt with.
  • Bakoteh School is generating a great deal of interest.
  • The possibility of eventually setting up a GES school from nursery right through - modelled on schooling appropriate to Gambia.
  • The need to support and supply resources for Gambia teachers was recognised.
  • The possibility of eventually setting up a Skills Centre at Kersering for guidance of all sorts, i.e. health, food, education, basic building skills etc was touched upon.


Established staff in Gambia assure accountability and monthly accounts are maintained with expenditure closely monitored. Receipts are now given for gifts handed into the GTS Office in Gambia.

Francis Glynn assured all present that GES would ensure accountability of all funds raised and sent to Gambia for educational purposes. Income and Expenditure will be published on the GES web site he added.

Currently, he stated when mistakes by GTS are made an honest and upfront acknowledgement appears on the web site - an honest, if sometimes uncomfortable response to queries is also adopted and Mr. Glynn asked for approval for this style of openness to apply to GES also.

It was AGREED Mr.Glynn's style of openness be applied for GES.

Gift Aid/Standing Orders:

The importance of clear audit trails was emphasised and the intention to audit money against individual sponsorships. An earlier offer from Alun Evans to set up and maintain a database of sponsors and members had been accepted.

Discussions to take place with the Treasurer regarding Standing Orders for membership fees for both GTS and GES are to take place. Attendees were invited to make suggestions on the level of membership fee to be levied for membership of GES. (GTS annual subscription is £12.50)

Following discussion it was AGREED the GES annual subscription be £10.

Donor Benefits:

GTS in Gambia was set up to provide jobs for Gambians by supporting tourists with services. Thus the membership of GTS includes benefits i.e. free airport collection service, discounts etc.

No benefits whatsoever will be available to GES members or trustees - the remit of GES is solely to support by various methods education in the Gambia.

No objection was raised to membership of both organisations - separate subscriptions due.

8. Public Relations and Marketing Report:

Francis Glynn invited suggestions and advised attendees of the offer from Linda Kerr and Kenny to assist with the above.
Ideas/discussions included: -

  • Web site (in hand)
  • Advisability of approaching Gambian Experience for inclusion in their literature/ become agents for them.
  • Benefits but also concerns regarding involvement with commercialism/commission. A 'Charity Shop' Page.
  • Preparation of a model press release.
  • Specific articles in local papers re projects.
  • Talks to groups.
  • Video preparation.
  • Possibility of members collecting an archive of photos when visiting Gambia.
  • Possible sale of Gambian goods i.e. drums, wall hangings etc.

An offer was accepted from Tony Murtagh and Nick Palister to prepare a draft one-off P.R. pack for volunteers.

9. Sponsorship Report:

Francis Glynn advised attendees sponsorship monies currently raised by GTS in Gambia reach £15,000 per annum, which will eventually be transferred to the management of GES when charity status is obtained. However a more reliable exchange of information on student progress must be established in addition to strengthening the collection of same in Gambia - the previous weakness of feedback to sponsors must be eradicated he added. The planned database of sponsors and students, plus membership details should greatly assist.

It was AGREED the relevant information and software be forwarded to Alun Evans to assist with database establishment.

10. Education Report:

Fuller discussion to take place at the next meeting on the possibility of support to teachers. Attendees were advised Dawn and Paul Webster are working on an education package.

11. Any Other Business:

Attendees were assured by the Chairman any monies currently directed to specific projects under GTS would continue in the same designated manner under GES.

The possibility of Prince Charles as a Patron was discussed. Tony Murtagh agreed to look at the Princes Trust website and consider an approach. Other suggestions would also be welcomed the Chairman added.

The current number of placements for gap year students is 10 - offering accommodation of 5 double beds.

Volunteers/teachers already having completed CRB checks in this country would not be required to apply for a Police Check.

GTS - the 'sister' organisation to GES anticipates receiving its NGO status in Gambia by the end of the year.

GES would not be eligible to apply, as it will be registered in England.

CC21 and CC3 were distributed to the trustees and the secretary advised CC20, Appeals for Funds, was to hand for reference.

12. Date of Next Meeting:

Annual General Meeting - JUNE 2005.
Date/venue to be determined.

(Executive Committee Meeting for trustees only - provisional arrangements
Saturday 4th or 11th September 2004.
Venue - Basingstoke or Kent)

We declare acceptance and willingness to act in the trusts of the charity. Signed by the Trustees:

Chairman…………………………………Francis Glynn Treasurer…………………………………Sarah Travers Secretary…………………………………Julie Limbrick


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