ON 21ST MAY 2005 AT 1.p.m.


1. Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomed the people listed below to the second Annual General Meeting of the Charity and appreciated how far many people had travelled to do so.

Mr. Francis Glynn Mr. Bryn Limbrick Mrs. Elizabeth Ashington
Ms. Sarah Travers Mrs. Claire Creedon Mrs. Juliette Casciaug
Mrs. Julie Limbrick Mrs. Kay Skingsley Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton
Mr. Jo Evans Mr. Jon Skingsley Mrs. Danielle Middleton
Mrs. Shirley Britton Mrs. Ann Price Mr. Nick Middleton
Mr. Tony Britton Mr. Bob Aston Mrs. Margaret Combey
Mr. Martin Tanner Mrs. Anna Aston Mrs. Jenne Kaduruwana
Rev. Ivor Howells Mr. Gordon Pagden Mrs. Suzanne Pinkney
Mrs. Joan Howells Mrs. Linda Pagden Mrs. Doreen Turner
Mrs. Dawn Webster Mrs. Edith Bonser Mrs. Carolyn Taylor
Mr. Paul Webster Mrs. Una Stanley Miss Naomi Taylor
Mr. John Parkin Mr. Geoff Pollard Cpt. L'Estrange

2. Apologies:
Mr. & Mrs. Vann Mrs. Ellie Trelawney David and Pamela Brodie
Mrs. Sue Cliff Angela Davis  Tony and Helen Murtagh
Mr. Parfitt Rosie Holder Nick and Shelia Plaister
Mr. Savage Caprice Britton Mr.& Mrs. Beckingham
Jo Savage Mr.& Mrs. Dallimore Ivan and Vivienne Smith
Mia Ford Elaine Croucher Richard and Faith Burfoot

3. Minutes:

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held on 30.05.04 were PASSED and signed.

4. Election of Officers:

Chairman: The nomination of Mr. Francis Glynn was seconded by Mrs. Middleton and CARRIED.
Treasurer: The nomination of Ms. Sarah Travers was seconded by Mrs. Sue Pinkney and CARRIED.
Secretary: The nomination of Mrs. Julie Limbrick was seconded by Mr. Bob Aston and CARRIED.

5. Nominations to the Executive Committee:
The nomination of Mrs. Shirley Britton was seconded by Mr. Jo Evans and CARRIED.

6. Resolution to the Constitution: A Charity Commission approved resolution to the Constitution had been posted on both GES and GTS web pages and a written copy circulated to all Charity members. It was proposed by Mr. Bob Aston, seconded by Mr. Bryn Limbrick and CARRIED that the resolution be ADOPTED.

7. Annual Report:   (Summary circulated - full copy in minute book.)
The Chairman, Mr. Glynn, clarified the difference between GTS administering projects on behalf of existing sponsors/other charities, as opposed to GES funded and managed projects initiated, monitored and supported in liaison with GTS in The Gambia.
Mr. Glynn updated attendees on the progress of all the Charity's projects and sought members preference on the existing and proposed logo. The proposed logo was adopted.
The commitment to job creation, sponsorships, the support of education and minimal administrative expenses remained of paramount importance. Of equal importance he added was the Charity's philosophy to, via transparent monitoring and clear audit trails of income and expenditure, to tackle the Gambian culture of dissipating funds.
The Chairman also outlined the considerable costs attached to storage and shipment of donated goods/materials and whilst a small bi monthly space allocation was available to the Charity it was he added far more beneficial to both the Charity and the local economy to actually purchase identified materials in The Gambia. This was not always understood or taken on board by many supporters who understandably wish to choose and purchase goods aimed directly at the children, i.e. pens and books.

The Chairman then requested Mrs. Limbrick, Secretary, to present her Project Monitoring Report following her recent visit to The Gambia. The report covered:-

San Yang Community Meeting - re. Skills Centre
London Corner Nursery School - Serekunda
Bakoteh Community Library
Youna Sports Hall
Kololi Accommodation
NGO (Non Governmental Organisations) status meeting with Assistant Director - Banjul.
Bakoteh Nursery School.

Mrs. Limbrick also advised the meeting of her visit to the S.O.S. Village - Bakoteh.

The criteria status for NGO status was circulated and along with priority setting and other issues is to be included on the agenda for the next Trustee Committee Meeting to follow the AGM.

Queries and shared information by several members included:-
The Essau Project - sponsored by John and Kay Skingsley,
Dawn and Paul Webster re. GTS accommodation in Kololi
San Yang project background by Margaret Combie.
The Chairman outlined plans for developing valuable and structured support to visiting volunteers, teaching assistants and gap year students.

Mr. Glynn closed his report by advising the meeting of the trustee prioritisation of introducing a workable educational curriculum hand in hand with a teacher support system. Initially to be implemented in Bakoteh Nursery School and eventually, once proven successful, to be sourced in all GES/GTS schools.

He then introduced Mr. Jo Evans, retired Headteacher, who is moving to The Gambia shortly to implement his designed curriculum and support systems.

Mr. Evans argued that a successful curriculum needed to utilise the innate curiosity, creativity and willingness to learn found in all young children. He showed some examples of the supporting resources needed to implement this, and explained some of the ways in which these resources linked together. He ended with an appeal for help in the creation of further resources. This appeal received several positive responses from the attendees.

7. Treasurer's Report: (Full copy in minute book, report and income and expenditure sheets circulated.)

Ms. Travers reported total income for the first year of GES had been disappointing at 4,009.21 - due in part to slow fund raising, low membership numbers and the Asian Tsunami disaster.

Transfers from Alliance and Leicester to The Gambia would not incur charges and an Instant Reserve Account had been established to obtain a better rate of interest.

Ms. Travers closed her report by advising members renewal of the annual 10 membership fee would become due on receipt of the Charity's registration number and Gift Aid facility. She respectfully requested members to consider arranging a Standing Order for future renewals and to ensure either she or the Hon. Sec. were advised of the arrangement to assist records.

Adoption of the Annual Report and Accounts were proposed by Carolyn Taylor, seconded by Mrs. Aston and CARRIED.

8. Questions and Comments: The meeting discussed in depth the problems of widespread corruption indigenous to Africa and the resultant withdrawal of some banks and other large organisations. Hence the importance for GES to uphold monitoring and close liaison with the Gambian Link Staff was recognised to be of major importance. The Chairman's eventual permanent residence in The Gambia would greatly assist this undertaking.

The Chairman thanked all present for their enthusiasm and support and invited all to network and socialise for the remainder of the afternoon if they wished.

Meeting closed 4.30p.m.

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