HELD ON 16th AUGUST 2008 AT 1P.M.


 1.   Present:

Francis Glynn      Chairman

Julie Limbrick      Secretary

Sheila Plaister       Sponsorship Secretary


Filley Glynn,

Rosie Holder

Angela Thomas

Shirley Britton

Dawn Webster

Paul Webster

Steve Maw

Jenny Maw

Yu Bian

Cliff Parfit

Michel Dourthe

Anthony Bond

Alan Jarvis

Nella Jarvis

David Goss

Jewel Goss 

Louise Goodbody

John Parkin

Bryn Limbrick

Jen Hamilton

Kay Skingsley

John Skingsley


David Allen   

Sarah Travers

Judith Chambers  

Hugh Cameron 

Jackie Rayment                                           

 Linda Guscott

Mike Cobb

Ken Dewsbury

Sylvia Fowler

Father and Mrs. Macauley 

Mike and Isobell Canty

Bob and Anna Aston

Alan and Mary Pickles

Jan Stellingwort                                           

2.  Minutes: 
Minutes of the last AGM held on 4th August in Cambridge were PASSED AND SIGNED. 


3.  Trustees Annual Report


Adoption of the report proposed by Steve Maw,

Seconded by John Skingsley and ADOPTED.


In addition to the printed report the Chairman updated all present on the following:-

12 volunteers organised to visit and assist in Gambia for the current year.

 Modest salary increases for teachers implemented but due to the drop in the dalasi the charity were unable to meet the approved amount.

10 more sponsors needed at 10 a month to meet the target.

 Members were requested to inform the webmaster, Dawn Webster, (webmaster@getsuk.org) when they intend to visit Gambia if they are willing to take out a small amount of charitable goods. Additional weight to be requested on their behalf by the charity if required.

 Mr. Glynn requested members approval of utilising some of a donation for printing to be used on tee shirts for members/trustees/supporters. AGREED.

 A Memorandum of Understanding on the Busambala Sunrise Centre was circulated and questions on the project asked and answered. These included effect on existing projects, sponsorships, government intervention, length of project, costs etc.

 Acceptance of the memorandum was proposed by David Goss, seconded by Tony Bond and unanimously AGREED. Signposting  (assisted by  Gurve Co.) and fencing of the site (assisted by Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd) could now be initiated.

 Adoption of the Annual Accounts:

The annual accounts were circulated and the transfer of funds from unrestricted funds to restricted funds was explained by the Chairman and Mr. Paul Webster. Tribute was paid to the Ex. treasurer Sarah Travers.

 Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Mr. Bryn Limbrick, seconded by Rosie Holder and ADOPTED.

Gambia expenditure sheet also circulated it was AGREED full accounts would be incorporated with UK accounts next year.


 4. Trustee Nominations:


Nomination received for Mr. Francis Glynn, seconded by Shirley Britton and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mrs. Julie Limbrick, seconded by John Skinsley and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mrs. Dawn Webster, seconded by Angela Thomas and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mrs. Sheila Plaister, Sponsorship Secretary,

seconded by Mrs. Kay Skinsley and CARRIED.


No further nominations received.

Trustees to appoint co-options as and if appropriate during the ensuing year.


5.  Sponsorship Report:

Mrs. Sheila Plaister updated members on sponsorship progress and thanked Indee Glynn for the work undertaken on student accounts & files in Gambia.



6.  Advisor Roles:

Fund raising:

Mrs. Shirley Britton updated members on fund raising and appealed for additional help. She also explained the benefits to be gained by searching or buying through Easy Search and Easy Fund Raising.
Mrs. Britton was thanked for her hard work and dedication.


Mrs. Angela Thomas and Rosie Holder advised they were currently working on the 6th edition of the newsletter. Membership thanked them for their excellent productions. 


Mrs Dawn Webster was congratulated on the excellent work undertaken on the web-page. 

Corporate Funding:

Tony Bond briefed the members on his recent appointment and contacts made to date. The new position was considered vital for the future of GETSuk and the Busambala Project and Tony was warmly welcomed.


Mr. Cliff Parfit underlined the need for teachers to be trained and guided to understand expensive equipment was not a necessity for learning and showed members the 5 simple story books he had prepared to be used in The Gambia.

 7.  Project Reports:

      Very interesting reports were delivered by or on behalf of the main sponsors 
      on the following projects enabling a greater understanding of personal involvement, 
      problems, achievements and priorities:-

Essau Nursery School

St Peters Nursery School

London Corner Nursery School

Bakoteh Nursery School

Castellan West African Trust

Bakoteh Community Library

The Sunrise Centre (Busambala)

The UK visit of Nfamara hosted by Helen Downie and Tony Bond


8.  Questions And Comments:

      Members were shown an example of simple notelets which will be designed with an 
      African drawing for sale in time for Christmas 2008. 
      It was hoped that members would assist with sales.

 The meeting recognised the major benefits to be gained from  the educational visit by the Gambian Education Manager Nfamara to the UK thanks to the efforts of the hosting volunteers, Helen and Tony. It was hoped in the future further Gambian teachers could benefit with the aid of sponsors. 

The Chairman thanked the Chairman of Deal Centre for the Retired, Mr. Michel Dourthe for allowing the use of the Centre to hold the meeting.   

Members appreciated the venue and the excellent lunch provided by Mrs. Mandy Love who gave her labour free of charge to GETSuk. 
Thanks also given to Mrs Pinkney for her assistance at the AGM and the Gambian office. .

      Meeting closed. 3.45pm. 


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