HELD ON  22nd AUGUST 2009 AT 


 1.   Present:

Francis Glynn      Chairman

Julie Limbrick      Secretary

Sheila Plaister       Sponsorship Secretary

          Dawn Webster       Treasurer

Filley Glynn,

Rosie Holder

Helen Touray

Mike Canty

Isabel Canty

Paul Webster

Rob Rand

Elizabeth Hicks

Yu Bian Parfit

Cliff Parfit

Alan Pickles

Mary Pickles 

Nick Plaister

Anthony Bond

Peter Bingham

Avril Bingham

Marion Blake

Ann Husbands

Ruth McMeehan

Angela Athey

Denise Johnson

Mary Ikin

Tony Bound

Erica Wren

Kay Skingsley

John Skingsley

Tony Nelson

Susan Mcknight

Ian Ward-Dutton

Jane Ward-Dutton

Margaret Swinnerton


Angela Thomas

Linda Gibson  

Sarah Travers                                          

Helen Downie

Jenny Hamilton

David and Jewel Goss

Joyce Turner 

 Shirley Britton  

Steve and Jenny Maw                             

2.  Minutes: 
Minutes of the last AGM held on 16th August in Deal were passed and signed as a true record. 

3.  Trustees Annual Report and End of Year Accounts


 A query regarding the term ‘distress’ was clarified as a broad description of charitable aims as suggested and adopted on the recommendation of the Charity Commission.  

The necessary government agreement to locate The Sunrise Project at Busambala despite a Draft Memorandum of Agreement with the Busambala committee was still not to hand. Alternative locations were under consideration by trustees should  circumstances prove necessary, Attendees agreed that the trustees decide the final location of the Sunrise Project.  

 More new members are needed to support future projects.

 Fund raising had proved difficult in the current financial climate.

Raising funds through using Easy Search and Easy Fund Raising was explained to attendees. 

 It was proposed and agreed that the accounting year end be changed to coincide with the school year in Gambia.

Banking arrangements had been transferred to alternative banks in both UK and Gambia in order to receive better terms.

Acceptance of the report proposed by Cliff Parfit, seconded by Helen Touray and CARRIED

Acceptance of the end of year accounts proposed byTony Bond, seconded by Ruth McMeehan and CARRIED. 

4. Trustee Nominations: 


Nomination received for Mr. Francis Glynn, seconded by Erica Wren and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mrs. Julie Limbrick, seconded by Kay Skingsley and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mr. Paul Webster, seconded by Helen Touray and CARRIED.



Nomination received for Mrs. Sheila Plaister as Sponsorship Secretary
seconded by Mr. Francis Glynn and CARRIED.

Nomination receivedfor Mr. David Goss as Castellan West African Trust representative 
seconded by Liz Hicks and CARRIED.

Nomination received for Mrs. Dawn Webster seconded by Mrs. Julie Limbrick and CARRIED. 
Mrs. Webster was thanked for her sterling work on the accounts as past treasurer and for agreeing to remain as a trustee

Advisor Roles:

Core Fundraising and Corporate Funding:

Mrs. Shirley Britton and Mr. Tony Bond had agreed to continue in their respective roles.

Webpage and Curriculum:

Mrs. Webster and Mr. Parfit continue  their support.


Mrs. Rose Holder and Mrs. Angela Thomas requested the meeting consider finding a replacement for newsletter production as soon as possible – but agreed to support during the interim period.

Tribute was paid to all the above Advisors in their respective roles.

5.  Sponsorship Report:

Mrs. Sheila Plaister paid tribute to the new voluntary administrator in Gambia, Mrs. Helen Touray who had greatly improved the liaison between UK and Gambia not least of all by providing monthly expenditure reports, answering many queries and visiting schools and students.

Current sponsorship confirmed for 2009/10 stands at 70 and the September transfer for sponsorship alone will be in the region of £15,500. 

12 new sponsorships had been initiated with a further 11 to begin in September. No sponsors had withdrawn their support due to the economic climate.

 3 Students had returned and were now being sponsored in higher education and 5 students had completed their Grade 12 education this year.

 Despite occasional delays in responding to sponsor queries, (of necessity at times due to all trustees being in full time employment) individual student accounts are up to date and accurate.

 Mrs. Plaister thanked all the members of the Executive committee and advisors for their endless and valued support, their patience and guidance but above all the sponsors of GETS and CWATP for their continued and generous donations. 


6.  Project Reports:  

 Written reports on schools and projects were replaced this year by successful slide projections accompanied by additional explanations and included coverage of a recent visit to CWATP’s Bwiam project by CWATP and GETS volunteers, St Peters Nursery School, Bakoteh Nursery School, environmental projects and photographs of the sponsored students. 

London Active Communities a docklands project and Rio Ferdinand’s Live the Dream had been in consultations with the Chairman regarding a sports project in Gambia. Participation to be discussed more fully with trustees.

7.  Any Other Business:  

The Chairman appealed for ex-teachers and interested people to meet and brainstorm on a base curriculum based on UK standards to assist in Gambia. Those interested should contact Mrs. Dawn Webster.

Mr. Parfit asked if anyone knew of a book on malaria awareness for children. 

The chairman thanked all present for their attendance and extended an invitation from the trustees to join them for an evening meal. 


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