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2010 to January 2011  

The original building was built by SOS and then handed over to the Bakoteh community to run in 2005.
Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bakoteh Village Development Committee in June 2010, which allows GETS to operate the Centre, it has been renamed Sunrise Centre and is now run by GETS with Helen Touray as Centre Director. Our existing nursery at Bakoteh has been integrated into the Centre.

The Sunrise Centre opened in January 2011 with Skills classes for 80 young adults (15-24 years) teaching English, Maths, Tie and Dye, Cookery and Sewing and 2 Nursery classes for 48 4-7 year olds. 

By July 2011 
GETS trustees, advisors and volunteers were at the Centre from January, assisting in the classrooms, clearing the site and helping in the administration office. 

Signs have been put up around the site to direct people to the Centre. The Centre is well used by the community for events and meetings.

All staff and students now have uniforms provided by GETS and made from material tie dyed by our Skills Classes.   

January - Work on building the Lower Basic School began.
September - Lower Basic Grade 1 opened

September - Lower Basic Grade 2 opened

September - Lower Basic Grade 3 opened

September - new nursery classroom and Lower Basic Grade 4 opened

September - Lower Basic Grade 5 opened

September - Lower Basic Grade 6 opened




Sunrise Centre - Releasing Potential

Grade 1 opened September 2012

Grade 2 opened September 2013

Grade 3 opened September 2014

Grade 4 opened September 2015

Grade 5 opened September 2016

Grade 6 opened September 2017


How to find us

Artist impression of Sunrise Centre 2016 - with skills and nursery extensions ticked



1st term

Monday 24th Sept 2018 - Friday 21st Dec 2018

2nd term

Monday  7th Jan 2019 - Thursday 18th April 2019

3rd term

Monday 29th April 2019 - Friday 20th July 2019

Holiday Day Date
World Teachers' Day Friday 5th October 2018
All Saints' Day Thursday 1st November 2018
Mawlud Nabi (Gamo) Friday 20th November 20178
Skills Ebbeh Day Friday Usually held in February
Independence Day Sunday 18th February 2019
Workers' Day Wednesday 1st May 2019
African Liberation Day Saturday 25th May 2019
Ascension Day Thursday 30th May 2019
LB3 NAT exams 2 days May/June 2019
Edil Fitr (Koriteh) Monday-Friday 3rd to 7th June 2019
Skills & Lower Basic Graduation  Friday Usually in July

Registration week begins -
Monday 9th September 2019

  School re-opens -
Monday 16th September 2019