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November and December

November is the start of the tourists coming along to The Gambia and we were pleased to welcome the first couple to visit and support the Sunrise Centre. Andreas Hotzel and partner Katrin brought a large number of resources to replenish our stocks.

They also toured the school, posing for pictures in Nursery 3.

It's always good to see teachers taking the children outside to gain more space or for safety reasons, as Mr Bakary Saidy is doing here to show the effects of evaporation using a local stove (charcoal based).

Our Cluster Monitor,  Antouman Nying, has been promoted to the Education Regional Headquarters and he came to school  to introduce our new Cluster Monitor, Bully Jawara.

One of our Caretakers, Foday, has been helping to dig out old tyres before replacement. These allow our see-saws to bounce safely in the playground.


Our LB6 teacher, Omar Gaye, has been helping to stop children damaging our plants by re-installing new plain wire to prevent children running through the flower beds at playtime.

Our students in Skills 3 are completing their course soon and will be going into the workplace to get experience. Here they are pictured making snacks in the Cookery area.


  In Skills the students are campaigning to stand as Head Girl and votes will be cast. Tida Bojang is explaining to the other students just what she would do if she won the role.


Fatou Sama has brought her class into the hall for a competition to improve their spelling.

Skills Year 1 students are working on their Tie and Dye practicals (note the cauldron heated by a wood fire). You can see them posing with the finished cloth.

Our LB6 teacher, Omar Gaye, has a lot of metal working and welding experience too. He's here helping to replace damaged razor wire in the corner of the Sunrise Centre, preventing any climbers!

Office Manager, Sulayman Saidy, who takes most of our blog pictures, captured both Caretakers (Burama Sanneh left and Foday Jarju) in a photo together. They aren't often in school at the same time.

We've bought all the cloth to be issued to parents to make school uniforms from a supplier in Banjul, near the port. This is how the rolls arrive at Sunrise.


Lower Basic 1 children (aged around 7) have been working on running a shop in their classroom. This gives them a good grasp of the real world and they seem to love it!

This is the last of the blog entries for after more than 13 years GETS is withdrawing from operating and supporting the Sunrise Centre.

The Centre is now transfering back to being run by the Community of Bakoteh, directed by the Ward Development Committee.


September and October

September began with our usual AGM processes but this year we were formally recognising the  transfer of the management of the Sunrise Centre to the Community of Bakoteh and the intention of closing the GETS charity on 31 July 2024.



 It was with Bakoteh community that we had the agreement to run Sunrise (back in mid-2010) so it was quite proper to hand it back to them to run the centre again.



GETS and its volunteers have built, maintained and successfully run the centre since 2010 




 Term started in late September with the usual round of maintaining broken things, including sewing machines. We continue to get good support from expert technician, Musa Camara.



 We have new students and pupils in Skills Training and Nursery 1 classes.

They are all beginning their new studies including handicrafts, tailoring and cookery for the new skills 1 class .

We’ve had new school councillors, nominated for Lower Basic. The 3 girls in this group have had pleated skirts and the boys long trousers, added to their standard uniform to indicate their status.


  We’ve also had the usual Mufti (no school uniform) Day. Students and pupils dress up in spectacular clothing, often based on their tribal backgrounds. They compete for the best dressed person in various sections.


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