Our Vision and Strategy



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Our Mission:–

Reducing the likelihood of poverty by enhancing the life chances of Gambian children through education; whether it be through individual or collective sponsorship, supporting teacher training or the provision of first class educational accommodation and resources at low cost to families.

Our Vision:-

•To build a growing, fully funded facility at our Sunrise Education Centre

•To provide low cost, high quality schooling at our Education Centre 
   (covering Nursery, Lower Basic, and Skills Training levels)

•To run the Centre day to day by Gambian staff, with European support

•To enable more single student sponsorships


Our Values (maintaining due respect & adherence to Gambian culture):-

Every child matters

A good standard of education

Be honest, open, fair & reasonable

Show compassion; understanding; patience; firmness

Respect the rights, dignities and privacy of supporters and students

Trustees that are respected for their outstanding example of leadership & management


Our Strategy:-

–Market the charity better to improve our contact with current and potential future sponsors

–Find out what our supporters expect of the Trustees and deliver it

–Raise more funds, seek corporate support (in UK and The Gambia)

–Apply to other groups (including government) who fund projects in Africa

–Implement our plans to build a Lower Basic school at the Sunrise Centre

–Plan and fund an extension of skills and skills classrooms

–Improve the capability & efficiency of the charity to do more with less

–Publish figures showing the performance of the charity’s monies

–Recruit teachers and other staff within our Gambian Team and improve  existing skills

–Create more opportunities for volunteers to help