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Sponsoring at Sunrise

Fees charged to parents and guardians of students at Sunrise are deliberately lower than  those charged in other private schools and skills centres, as GETS want to make a good education more affordable for Gambian families.

Fees paid by parents only contribute about 25% to the cost of educating each student at the Centre.
GETS supporters subsidise the rest of the cost. 

Despite the low cost some parents find it difficult to find money for the fees and rather than have them make their child leave Sunrise we hope some of our supporters will be able to help them.

If you would like to sponsor a student at Sunrise, a minimum of £12 a month will cover the full cost of their education.

The great advantage of sponsoring at Sunrise is that GETS has control over the quality of education provided, and is in daily contact with the students, unlike the situation with sponsored students in other  schools.

Please contact Dawn, our sponsorship secretary, if you would like more information or download and complete our sponsorship form if you would like to sponsor a student at Sunrise.

Sponsoring students at other schools

Over 500 children have been provided with an education thanks to the generosity of GETSís  supporters. Before we opened Sunrise Centre, sponsorship of individual children was the basis of GETSís work in The Gambia, children introduced to us by  tourists wishing to support a child whom they knew. However GETS have reluctantly decided they can no longer accept new requests from tourists due to the pressures of administrating the growing Sunrise Centre. Present sponsorships will of course, still be continued to be managed by GETS.

Sponsor a class

 We also offer the opportunity to sponsor a class at Sunrise - this way you are helping not just one child but many. We ask that you donate a minimum of £5 a month, this money going towards things like classroom resources, teacher salaries and daily meals.

All class sponsors get termly updates on the classes as well as the termly GETS newsletter. There will also be the possibility to interact with the class through email messages and an invitation to visit your class whenever you are in Gambia. Find out more about sponsor a class

Sponsors receive copies of our Newsletters and are invited to attend our AGM,
normally held in August or early September