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Support Sunrise - download a donation form

Many people sponsor an individual child, but have you considered sponsoring a class, or supporting Sunrise?

Dalasi for dalasi, your money goes further because, rather than helping a single child, you are helping many. Your money will be used to help us pay our teachers' salaries as well as providing classroom equipment.

30p per day - 10 per month - 120 per year will help us to pay our teachers' salaries and increase them as they become better qualified and trained.  It will also help us to buy new classroom equipment and teaching materials to help our children get the education they deserve.

Please contact us if you would like further details, or download this form

If you are not able to become a regular donor, you could perhaps help by taking some equipment to be used in the classrooms - see our Get Involved  page

We encourage all supporters to visit Sunrise Centre on their next trip to Gambia to see the centre in action and personally deliver their gifts.

For more ideas about supporting Sunrise see our Projects and Sponsor a Class pages.



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