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Ali Bah

Specialist in English and maths

Ali is not married yet! He has lived in London Corner, near Serekunda for 8 years. He is previously from Raneru near Bansang (near the Eastern border with Senegal).  Ali has a Wolof background. His father is from Raneru and his father and mother are both Fulas. Ali can speak Wolof, Fula, Mandinka and of course excellent English.


Ali has a degree in Economics from Gambia University  Aliís favourite subject is Maths, particularly Statistics.


One of the  things that we had to do to make Aliís teaching a little easier is to screen students who register for Skills Training places. It is essential that they have a basic education in English and Maths in order that Ali can build on these skills. Some students apply for places at Sunrise having dropped out of school at an early age, or even never having been to school, usually due to a lack of money for fees. By screening out the very lowest ability students Ali can avoid holding back the class from developing their skills.


Ali must adapt his teaching style and content significantly, based on the level of the students in each class and we have been helping Ali with the provision of basic level English and Maths resources to help him do this.


 He often gets help from visiting volunteers, for example, Daniel English (from Ireland) helped for a day each week during the 2011/12 academic year by giving many different exercises to try out new approaches to teaching. Chris Humphries often works with students who struggle with basic English skills by 1 to 1 coaching or working with small groups.


Students go out for three months before Christmas on work placements and many are fortunate to be offered a job at the end of the three months.



Ali in his classroom 



Ali having fun with some students -
they made him the hat from a black bin bag!

Ali as the patient on a First Aid course for the teachers.