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Fatou Sanneh

Nursery Year 2  –  children aged 5/6years

Fatou has lived in Bakoteh Layout for 6 years. This is a large housing estate that was built at one time to house people coming to the area from other parts of The Gambia, particularly the countryside, because people often travel to look for work in the Banjul area. 


She has 2 children, a girl named Amie, who is eleven and a boy named Momadou-Alpha who is in Sunrise Nursery 1.


Fatou’s father’s family are from the North Bank of The Gambia (he is a Mandinka) and her mother is a Fula from Guinea.


Fatou taught at the Bakoteh community centre for more than three years and she was asked to remain when GETS took it over in January 2011, renaming the centre Sunrise Centre.  Previous to that Fatou was not a teacher but worked with a commercial group based at Tipper Garage, Serekunda where she sold corn. Fatou has also worked for a shop selling spares for cars and bikes.


Whilst teaching at Sunrise Fatou studied for and obtained her early Child Development teaching certificate from  Gambia College, in Brikama.





Although Fatou teaches Nursery 2 and they have been taught using English for over a year now, English is not  their first language, so Fatou must sometimes talk to them in Wolof, Mandinka and Fola, although usually in English.



They are following the Gambian Early Child Development curriclum with input on lesson planning from the Charity’s education advisors.


The nursery has a DVD player and Fatou's class like watching The Gruffalo. They sing most days, usually well known children's songs like “This old man”, “I’m a little triangle”, “Ten green bottles” and “Put your knees together”.


Fatou splits the slower and brighter students into groups and shares her time equally between all four groups with help from Mbacho Jallow (Nursery Classroom Assistant).




Stamp Out Polio in Africa vaccinating Nursery 2

Practical maths - measuring distance in footsteps


A volunteer working with some Nursery 2 children



Nursery 2 singing in the playground



The nursery day out - piling into the bus to go to the monkey park



Followed by fun at the beach!