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Sally Ceesay

Nursery Year 1  –  children aged 4/5years





Sally lives in London Corner, Serekunda, with her husband and three children.


She came to teach in GETS nursery after gaining her Early Child Development from Gambia Teacher Training College.  Sally had previously had many years experience of teaching the 4/6 year age range.


 The Nursery follows the Gambian Early Child Development curriculum with input on lesson planning from the Charity’s education advisors.


For most of Nursery 1 it is the first time they have ever been to school, but they  learn very quickly. English is not their first language so Sally must talk to them in Wolof, Mandinka and Fula, but of course eventually all teaching is in English (ideally!)


Mbacho Jallow helps Sally as a classroom assistant, dividing her time between Nursery 1 and Nursery 2.











Nursery 1 in their classroom

Sally with two of Nursery 1 in their tribal costume
on mufti day