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Week ending 10th May

This week we kicked off the Registration process for the new school year, beginning in September 2019. Parents are quite eager to get onto our lists so that they get any places available.

The Caretakers (Foday Jarju pictured) put up our poster everyday so that word can spread that we are open for new children.


We will have places in a completely new Nursery 1 class and Skills Training Year 1 class but very few places further up the school, so demand is quite high, particularly in LB1 where we always have a waiting list.

Kaddy Darboe (sister of one of our LB teachers, Fatoumatta Darboe) came to register her 2 girls for places in the school with our office administrator Ramatoulie.



We were pleased to be given tooth brushes and tooth paste by Carole Marshal, who lives near Tony when she comes to The Gambia.  The Nursery 1 children were all given either brushes or paste by teacher Kaddy Jawara.

Kora Ceesay is pictured proudly showing off her gift. I hope that all get used in the correct way. Thanks Carole!





Week ending 3rd May

This is the first week of Term 3, returning after the Easter Holidays. The weather is still relatively cool for the time of year and dry of course, with any rain not expected until late June or even into July. 

Our newest employee, Hassanatou Bah, has now been with us for 4 months working as a classroom assistant in LB. Tony snapped a picture of her in the hall at break time, now in her staff uniform.

 The Nursery children have been doing their usual assemblies again, singing and dancing, guided by teaching staff; Kaddy Jawara and Sally Ceesay. They always seem to enjoy this time, but keeping 90 children in order in an open space like the hall takes great skill and some patience.





At break time we still have the ladies from the village coming into sell snacks and drinks to complement the sandwiches made in the Sunrise kitchen by Susan, our cook. One of the ladies, Christianna Ogunjirin, a Nigerian, is being hugged by one of the children (Majula Jammeh) who obviously holds her in great affection.

We have been trying to start a tree off to give shade in the playground area for some time now and it is good to see that we’ve finally been successful with a particular variety of tree. We think this is known as an umbrella tree, for obvious reasons.