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As Sunrise expands we will need more funds to run the centre - could you help us by sponsoring a class?

Give as you Live has raised over 8 million pounds for charities since it started in 2010

GETS are registered with Give as you Live and have been showing the logo on our webpages since September 2016.

The records show that we have only eight supporters using Give as you Live - can we increase this number?

 Over 4,000 online retailers will give a percentage of your purchase to GETS if you register on this page -

The percentage is only small - but 'many a mickle makes a muckle' from the old Scots misquoted saying! Every penny counts!

After registering with the site you can download a donation reminder button for Chrome which can take you  to the shop you want to visit. If you forget to shop through using this button a reminder will pop up on every site which is part of the scheme asking you if you want to raise money for GETS.

If you have an iphone or an ipad you can download an app which will give you easy navigation to your favourite stores with a fast and intelligent browser enabling you to shop faster on-the-go.

If you don't use Chrome, ipad or iphone just type into your usual browser - you can still use Give as you Live

Hopefully, next time I log into our charity account with Give as you Live there will be many more than eight supporters!


Annual General Meeting  - September 1st 2018 - Lichfield

Our AGM this year was held at Lichfield - many thanks to Chris and Steve Humphries for organising the venue for us. We like to try different areas for our AGMs in the hope of attracting new attendees, so if you know of a suitable venue in your area do let us know.

Most people consider AGMs boring so we make a great effort to make ours interesting, we start off with a light lunch -

Powerpoint presentations on screen are able to show many photos of GETS activities of the past year, so there are no long boring reports!


Officers and trustees have to be elected at each AGM. The officers are the same as last year, Chairman -Tony Nelson, Treasurer - Paul Webster and Secretary - Sue Nelson.  Pat Taylor and Dawn Webster were re-elected as Trustees, but Barry Young did not stand for re-election. 

Tony is seen here with Barry, as, after thanking him for the valuable help he gave  whilst a trustee, Tony gave him a small (but welcome!) gift.

If you think you would like to help GETS by becoming a Trustee we would be delighted to hear from you.