The latest news from
GETS in Gambia




We had some visitors this month. Ron and Sandon from The Netherlands came to see a Nursery 1 girl they knew, bringing some pencils for her class. 

Dawn and Paul came with their daughter, Gabi, and Gabi's daughter, Emma. Gabi and Emma were in Gambia for a week's holiday and came to Sunrise every school day that week. They helped wherever they could and spent a lot time teaching the game of bench ball to various classes in Lower Basic.

Mr Saidy joined in enthusiastically with his class!

LB2 here below, changed for PE and practising dribbling the ball with Gabi and Emma.

Our school team used the strip they were given earlier this year when they took part in an inter school competition.

Two of our Skills 1 students are using our new gas cooker to cook sausages. 

They also used it to make this banana bread.

 Skills 2 were making spaghetti bolognese.

Skills 3 are out on work experience all this term, they will be back in term 3 to do the final practical and theoretical exams they need to pass before they get their graduation certificate.

Nursery 3 are playing a favourite game -

Lower Basic 4 are busy completing a task-


The nursery had their annual outing this month. All three classes went to Kachikally pool and museum in Bakau, ending as usual with a meal on the beach.

The transport arrives -

Excited children line up to get on the minibuses.

The food and drink  prepared for their meal on the beach at the end of the day now has to be loaded into the buses.

Thebuses set off and then they arrive at Kachikally-

They wait in their groups wondering what they will see next.

Then they see the crocodiles!

After looking around the pool and grounds it is time to get back on the buses and set off for the beach where they play games

Then they sit down to have their food and a drink before going back to Sunrise.


We have a new Cookery and Pastry teacher in our skills training centre, Mr Abdoulie Jallow.

Some of Skills 2 students are studying their notes here, they have to prepare for exams in theory as well as in practical work.

We also have a new nursery assistant, Sainabou Hydara. The Gambian ministry of education like every primary class to have the date written in full at the top of the blackboard each day. Sainabou is using lines to show the correct placing of the letters.

Lower Basic classes are lining up ready for assembly here, they are standing not sitting  on the floor like children in the UK because the wind blows the sand everywhere and makes the floor too dirty for them to sit on it.

The nursery children are also all lined up in their classes here, ready for assembly. Nursery 1 are in the front row and display a great difference in size between some of the children in this class of 3-4 year olds!

If you or someone you know is going to Gambia, our nursery are desperately short of coloured pencils for crayoning in the worksheets they use in maths and phonics. They have plenty of wax crayons but they are too thick for this work.


Lower Basic 3 students were in the bantaba learning about the different sources of energy that could be used for cooking.

 There has been a great shortage of gas bottles for some time in Gambia but we finally managed to get a full bottle of gas and the connector needed to fit it to the new gas stove in the bantaba, ready to use in cookery and pastry lessons.

Lower Basic 6 have been experimenting with the power of magnetic attraction.


These Nursery 1 children were all busy in their classroom when suddenly the fire alarm klaxon sounded the warning for a fire drill.

All Sunrise had to go quickly to the assembly point at the gate