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Sunrise Centre has 3 nursery classes with room for 30 children in each class. The classes are taught a curriculum prepared in the UK based upon the Gambian ECD curriculum.  UK volunteers have been at the Centre to support and train the teachers to deliver the new curriculum.

The classrooms are hives of activity.  Children are learning to play games such as Snap and Dominoes in addition to the more formal learning.  Jolly Phonics is in constant use in the classrooms as the children are taught to speak and read English.

GETS supporters have been taking out new equipment to use in the classrooms and this is being put to good use.  Many thanks to the generosity of visitors to the Centre who provided the plentiful supply of plastic coloured bottle tops used for counting, sorting and colour recognition and other useful resources for Sunrise.

Enthusiastic learners!


Snack time

Please contact us if you are going to Gambia in the near future and would like to take a gift for Sunrise.   We would be delighted if you could find room in your luggage for HB beginner's size pencils, thick triangular pencil crayons and any craft papers. We have introduced the children to simple beginner's jigsaws and more of these would be very useful.

 Mrs Ceesay with Nursery 1 - November 2019


 Mbacho Jallow with Nursery 2

Kaddy Jawara with Nursery 3


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Nursery 1, 2 & 3 Timetable           
    8.15 8.30 - 9.00 9.00 - 9.30 9.30 -10.00 10.00 -10.30 10.30 -11.00 11.00 -11.30 11.30-12.00 12.00 - 12.30
Monday 1 Registration Language Phonics E.M.E K & U Break Singing Phonics P.S.E
  2 Registration Language P.D. E.M.E Literacy Break E.M.E K.& U. P.S.E.
  3 Registration Language Literacy K.& U. E.M.E Break E.M.E Literacy Story / Singing
Tuesday 1 Registration Language Assembly E.M.E K & U Break Phonics P.D. Story
  2 Registration Literacy Assembly E.M.E Language Break K.& U. C.D. C.D.
  3 Registration Language Assembly Literacy E.M.E Break K.& U. Literacy P.S.E.
Wednesday 1 Registration Language Phonics E.M.E K.& U. Break E.M.E Phonics P.S.E.
  2 Registration Language P.D. Literacy E.M.E Break Music / Dance/  Drama Literacy P.S.E.
  3 Registration K.& U. E.M.E P.D. Literacy Break Language C.D. C.D.
Thursday 1 Registration Assembly E.M.E P.D. Language Break Phonics C.D. C.D.
  2 Registration Assembly Literacy K.& U. E.M.E Break Literacy Language Story /   Singing
  3 Registration Assembly P.D. Language E.M.E Break Literacy K.& U. Story / Singing
Friday 1 Registration Language E.M.E Phonics K & U Break Story / singing    
  2 Registration Language E.M.E Literacy K.& U. Break Story / singing    
  3 Registration E.M.E Literacy Language P.S.E. Break Story / Singing    


The six areas of the Foundation Stage are -

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

E M E = Early Mathematical Education

K & U = Knowledge and Understanding of the World

C D = Creative Development

P S E = Personal, Social and Emotional Development

P D = Physical Development