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The Centre has 3 Nursery classes with 30 children in each class.

Our teachers are Fatou Sanneh, Fatou Sally Ceesay (known as "Aunty Sally") and Kaddy Jawara. 

All three teachers have their Early Child Development certificate from Gambia College.

Mbacho Jallow, an ex-skills student at the centre,  joined the nursery staff as a teaching assistant in September 2012. She replaced Mama Nebeneh, another ex-skills student at the centre, who went to assist with Grade 1 and Grade 2 at our Lower Basic School. Both Mbacho and Mama gained their ECD certificates from Gambia College in 2018

All our staff will be given the opportunity for further training, where necessary. 

Another ex Sunrise skills student, Yassin Jammeh, joined the nursery staff as a teaching assistant in September 2015 but after gaining her PTC in 2019  has now moved to teach in our Lower Basic.

Salaries for all staff will be in line with Gambian government pay scales.

We wish all our staff a long and successful career at Sunrise Centre.

Mbacho Jallow


Mama Nabeneh



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Kaddy Jawara - Nursery 1

Sally Ceesay - Nursery 2

 Fatou Sanneh -  Nursery