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   February 2011

Sunrise from space


Assembly - many are late coming to school!





   July 2011


Handing out uniform

Sunrise badge


Building the Bantaba

Mid-morning snack


Graduation Day

     December 2011

Skills students in their new uniform


 Look what I've just made!

No paper patterns used here

Nursery 1

Nursery 2

Cookery in the Bantaba


Making masks


April - August 2012

Changes since Feb 2011 above - the Bantaba, watchmen's hut and the foundations for the Lower Basic school


Parent-Teacher Meeting in May



Year3  Skills - final exams 


Nursery children practising for Sports Day

Graduation Day



September - December 2012     

Phase 1 of Sunrise Lower Basic School opens


Modelling the new Lower Basic uniform - red and white




Break time for the Lower Basic


Heavy rain causes flooding in the corridor
and Lower Basic classroom 








Home time for the Nursery


Batik with Year 3 Skills




PTA Meeting













Ball skills!

Hanging Batik to dry



2013 - 14    

Bishop Heber students visiting Sunrise give the nursery a puppet show


Learning each other's customs - tribal dance

 A trip to Katchikally museum  



and the beach! 


Making macaroons in the Bantaba










Adding 4 more classrooms to the Lower Basic School

End of year exams - written exams in the hall above and practical in the bantaba on the right


Sports Day for the nursery children


Lower Basic - busy painting



and playing games in the hall

The skills students graduate


The roof is on the new classrooms - ready for the rainy season! 

The exterior finished and painted ready for the start of the new academic year


Our sign is repainted


Vaccinations for the under fives 



Mufti day - students proudly wearing their tribal dress

2015 - 16