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 Projects and Wish List

  • Colour laser printer - 550

  If you are visiting Sunrise
can you find room in your luggage for any of these items?

HP Laserjet Cartridge - 79A
Black and red biros
standard size energy saving light bulbs - screw fitting

For the Nursery &Lower Basic Classes

Colouring books
Beginners' triangular HB pencils

Beginners' triangular pencil crayons
Simple jigsaws
First books - board not paper
6 count Binca canvas
Anchor soft embroidery thread
Embroidery needles - with large eyes


For the Skills Classes

Knitting wool
Embroidery silks
and needles
Children's Cookery
by Roz Denny and Caroline Waldegrave
ISBN 0-7445-6990-7
Home Economics
ISBN 978-175-545-3
Y shape v
egetable peelers x 20- 
Simple hand whisks x 20


Some of our finished projects

Building our six classroom Lower Basic School

Building a bigger office for the administration staff

The bantaba, used for teaching cookery  and tie and dye to the skills classes, was built with the money donated by Tony Bound and Erica Wren in memory of Erica's parents.

Renewing the electrics
Repairing the toilets
Providing desks for the skills classes
Updating the internet service

Solar panels

A watchmen's hut at the main gate into Sunrise was built with the money donated by Chris Rice and Helen.






The 69,000 needed for a Lower Basic School has already been raised - many, many thanks to all our supporters!

We have raised 15,700 to build and equip a new classroom for 3-4 year olds and also  add more toilets for the nursery children.

We have also raised 7,000  to build a new Skills classroom.

Painting the school - inside and out

Bigger tables and chairs were urgently needed for the nursery - they were there by September 2012