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We will then send you regular newsletters, not only filled with news of Sunrise, but also updates on the other work that GETS supports in Gambia.

You will also receive an invitation to our AGM which takes place around the end of August each year. We move around the country to give everyone the opportunity to attend and the chance to meet the trustees and other supporters. The 2011 AGM (picture below) was in Newport, South Wales, the previous year it was in Cambridge.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at our next AGM.


At an AGM in Deal  

After 2010 AGM in Cambridge






2014 - Lichfield, Staffs

2015 - Banbury, Oxfordshire

2016 - Macclesfield, Cheshire

2017 - Driffield, East Yorkshire



 AGM Minutes

1st AGM 2004 London

2nd AGM 2005 Deal, Kent

3rd AGM 2006 Deal, Kent

4th AGM 2007 Cambridge

5th AGM 2008 Deal, Kent

6th AGM 2009 Shrewsbury

7th AGM 2010 Cambridge

8th AGM 2011 Newport, S. Wales

9th AGM 2012 Letchworth, Herts

10th AGM 2013 - Bickerton, Cheshire

11th AGM 2014 - Lichfield, Staffs

12th AGM 2015 - Banbury, Oxon

13th AGM - 2016 - Macclesfield, Cheshire

14th AGM - 2017 - Driffield, East Yorkshire